As a logistics company with longstanding operations, we focus on strategic points to fulfill your logistics needs. Our strong network provides maximum coverage, which makes for the fastest deliveries and easy access to services.

We provide multiple options to deliver, at the best rates. Whether you are sending parcels within your city or to a different state, SWISSSARL offers the most affordable domestic courier service to virtually every location in Nigeria. Our Same Day Delivery service has the cheapest prices nationwide!

With our domestic courier service, your experience is personalized. We pick up parcels and deliver them to your doorstep, at your convenience. You can request our services anytime, through the contact details or walk into any of our offices. Our trusted personnel are on standby to find the best solution that meets your needs.

Our dedicated offerings to you

Priority Shipping

We put you first! With our established reputation for speed and reliability, Swissdarl Express offers priority shipping service to meet your needs daily, every single hour. If getting that package to its destination means a lot to you, then it's important to us.

Xpress Drop-Off

Time is precious and we will help you save it. Skip the queues at our experience centres and cut the time it takes to process an item for shipping. Our Xpress Drop-Off service enables you to fast track shipment of your items using the track portal.

Swissdarl Partners

Creating opportunities for wealth distribution is an objective we take seriously. Through this service, you get to earn lucrative income on the side. Our most basic requirement from you is a functional vehicle, fit to description and a qualified rider. We bring business your way and split the profits.

Swissdarl Last-Mile Delivery

Distance is no barrier. We will pick up items from your doorstep and make special arrangements to deliver exactly to the locations you request, no matter how far. Our experienced dispatch riders are also available for same-day deliveries.

Haulage & Relocation Services

Creating personalized logistics service is at the core of what we do. We make custom arrangements to help you move items safely from your home or office. No matter the size of your items, we will move them.

Specialized Freight

You can confidently trust our operational capabilities. We are experts at moving high value and sensitive equipment used in diverse industries ranging from Medical to Laboratory, Communications & Broadcasting, Data- Processing sectors and Hi-tech Computers.